Western Australia
Denham is located on the western coast of the Peron Peninsula 831 kilometres north of Perth, and is a gateway for viewing the dolphins at Monkey Mia, located a further 23 kilometres to the northeast.

The town has an attractive beach and a jetty which is popular for boating and fishing activities.

Between April and September approximately 110,000 tourists visit Denham and Monkey Mia. An all-weather airstrip, Shark Bay Airport (Denham Airport) services both Denham and Monkey Mia, and the 150 km long road between North West Coastal Highway and Denham is known as World Heritage Drive.

Ocean Park is an aquarium located 8km south of Denham and approximately 30km from Monkey Mia on Shark Bay Road, where guests can see, touch and learn about the marine creatures found in the area.

A wide range of accommodation services are available in and around the town.

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Shark Bay Primary School

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Monkey Mia  Kalbarri

Connections to the National Broadband Network are not due to be available in Denham until after 2015. Learn more.

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Denham, Shark Bay.
View of Denham
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