Western Australia
Pemberton is located 335 kilometres South of Perth in the South West region of the state.

The town is located in a valley and surrounded by towering Karri, Jarrah and Marri forests, which contain the largest hardwood trees found anywhere in the world. Five national parks are located within a 20 minute drive of the town.

Tourism is a major industry in the area, with a broad range of attractions available, including the Pemberton Tramway which provides a scenic ride through majestic local forests. Also, the Bibbulmun Track, river cruises, hiking, canoeing, plus four wheeled drive tours of the national parks surrounding the town.

The town's annual festival is the Marron and Wine Festival which is held during May, and the nearby Gloucester National Park contains three climbable karri trees, each one of which is in excess of 60 metres tall. The most famous is the Gloucester Tree, although there is also the Diamond Tree and the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree which is the tallest of the three at about 71 metres tall. Each of the trees has metal rungs which allow visitors to climb to the lookouts.

Also, the Lefroy Brook Cascades tumble over rocky shelves, and  picturesque spots are available within the forest for picnics, barbecues and fishing.

Pemberton is one of the premier cool climate wine regions in Australia, with many wineries located in the area.

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Pemberton District High School
St Joseph's School

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Fishing for Rainbow Trout near Pemberton

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Warren River Redfin Perch

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Approaching Pemberton.
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