Pocket of 50 homes in Mount Lawley revealed as Perth’s most socially advantaged

A pocket of 50 homes in Mount Lawley has been revealed as the most socially advantaged in WA, according to new data which shows the disparities between the haves and the have nots.

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Fire threat downgraded as crews bring Canning blaze under control

A bushfire advice warning remains in place for people living in parts of Ferndale and Lynwood in the City of Canning.

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‘We need young voices’: Why Freo Press has launched a $20,000 writing prize

Many industries choose younger employees at the expense of more experienced ones, but in one sector, WA ‘jobs’ are actually going to older people.

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How a lone DFES worker raced to save 100 locals as two bushfires closed in

“I told them windows up, air vents closed and they weren’t to stop for anything. Not anything.”

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Hopman Cup canned, expected to be replaced with men’s only event

Hopman Cup has been scrapped after 31 years as Perth’s iconic tennis event.

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Bring it on: Perth was never more ready for its own Rugby League team

The clock is ticking after a decade of hard work the opportunity to have our own Ruggy League team in Perth. could be about to pass.

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Nic Naitanui calls out racist slurs against teammate Liam Ryan

Eagles ruckman Nic Naitanui has taken to social media to call out racist slurs made against his teammate Liam Ryan on a football commentary thread.

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WA priest under investigation for alleged child abuse when he died

A Perth priest who is believed to have taken his own life this week was under investigation after an allegation of child sexual abuse was made against him.

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Beloved Perth priest dies ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’

Father Joseph Tran was a well known and loved figure in the community.

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