High Street upgrade recommended for environmental approval

A proposal to make vital upgrades to Fremantle’s congested and dangerous High Street have leapt another hurdle. 

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Girl, 12, goes missing after dropped off at a Perth train station

Police are searching for a 12-year-old girl who went missing after she was dropped off at a Perth train station on Sunday afternoon.

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Authorities locate device jamming keyless entry signals at Lakelands Joondalup

Lakeside Joondalup shopping centre management believe they have partly solved the mystery of what was preventing people in their car park from being able to lock and unlock their keyless entry cars.

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Health warning for shellfish caught in Swan River

The Department of Health said elevated levels of microscopic algae had been detected in the area.

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The suburbs bearing the brunt of Perth’s public housing

Suburbs in the City of Fremantle continue to bear the brunt of a legacy public housing built en masse in the post-war era, while newer suburbs on Perth’s outskirts are dodging their fair share. 

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Why councils won’t remove your nuisance verge tree, even if it’s in the middle of your driveway

Push to help the elderly maintain gardens impacted by verge trees has sparked fresh debate over a resident’s right to request a problem tree be removed.

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‘Unusually strong winds’: Severe weather warning for Perth’s south

The Bureau of Meteorology is warning people in Lower West and South West districts to prepare for the “unusually strong” winds expected to get up to 90 km/h.

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Tourism hopes pinned to luxury liners docking in Perth for first time

The state government heralded the arrival in Fremantle of a luxury cruise liner on its maiden voyage to WA as an important boost for Perth’s tourism sector.

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Young Collie couple starved thoroughbred stallion to death

Two days after being taken into care, Rio could no longer stand up or raise his head and the vet decided the most humane course of action was to end his suffering.

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