‘Suicide pact’: Alleged Perth sex abuse victim denied justice after his accused abusers die before trial

A former Perth group home resident who was allegedly sexually abused as a child is angry his alleged abusers killed themselves before “justice could be served”.

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Eating one meal a day to survive: the reality of financial stress in WA

Out of cash by day nine nearly every fortnight, Tiba Moeini scrambles to find change in pockets and bags, and is often left with no other choice but to ask her seven-year-old daughter for pocket money to buy groceries.

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Children will be innocent victims if pragmatism takes precedence in family law reform

Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter appears to be as disdainful of law reform commissions as he was when serving as attorney general in the West Australian Parliament.

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St John sues supplier over defibrillators ‘not suitable’ in emergency situations

St John Ambulance WA is suing an Australian medical supplier over claims it was sold nearly $5 million worth of defibrillators not suitable in an emergency environment.

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Lawyer claims ‘me too’ moment led young boy to accuse babysitter of attempted rape

A young girl detailing of sustained sexual abuse which allegedly happened on one night in 2017 triggered her brother to come forward with his own claims, a WA court heard.

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Prominent Perth restaurateur in court over alleged ‘coffin’ threat

A Perth restaurateur behind The Meatball Bar, Gourmet Republik, and Thuggs Fried Chicken and Waffles is accused of threatening to destroy a man’s cafe and put him “in a coffin” over some fruit and vegetables.

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‘They’re disgusting’: Outgoing South Perth Mayor calls out dirty tactics to skew council election

Outgoing South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said the City’s residents are being targeted by advertisements on social media aiming to impact the upcoming council election,

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