‘It would have killed me’: Elderly man attacked by neighbour in his home over horn spat

Orelia resident Peppe, 88, said he is “very lucky” to be alive after a neighbour allegedly forced his way into his Menli Place home on Friday morning.

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Man in custody over suspected Balcatta murder

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the person’s death is ongoing, with Homicide Squad detectives taking charge of the probe.

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Claremont killer trial LIVE: Critical fingernail DNA evidence was collected in the presence of now disgraced forensic biologist

Retired mortuary manager Robert MacDermid is expected to take the stand this morning to provide details of the post-mortems conducted on Jane and Ciara’s bodies. 

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Suspect in deaths of WA prospecting couple couldn’t explain blood on his boots

The couple’s friend and colleague Graham Milne, who the court heard was a suspect in their deaths but never charged, has been forced to give evidence despite concerns he could incriminate himself.

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Claremont killer trial LIVE: Court begins to hear of international journey Ciara’s hair exhibits took

A forensic officer who was involved in the examination of Ciara’s body in bushland north of Perth on April 3, 1997, will be the first witness to take the stand today.

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Claremont killer trial LIVE: Homicide detective reveals ‘pure act of compassion’ carried out during Jane’s post-mortem

Forensic officer Barry Mott, who attended both the crime scenes of Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon, and played a key part in the collection of some of the state’s crucial exhibits will be cross-examined by Bradley Edwards’ defence team today.

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Claremont killer trial LIVE: Doctor who examined ‘distressed’ Karrakatta rape victim recalls her injuries

The doctor who examined Bradley Edwards’ Karrakatta cemetery rape victim in 1995 will give evidence after illness caused a delay in her taking the stand late last year. 

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‘She doesn’t understand’: Mass blackout comments spark Labor backlash

A mass blackout that caused 100,000 homes to lose power across the state on Friday night has led to a war of words between the state’s two major political parties.

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‘Start preparing’: WA’s north west forced to brace again as intense winds, rain close in

In the wake of Cyclone Blake’s passing, WA’s north-west coast could be hit by a second cyclone over the weekend, as a tropical low moves through Darwin’s south-west. 

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Hutt River Principality will close its doors ‘until further notice’ due to financial hardship

The prince of WA’s only micro-nation, the Hutt River Principality, announced it will close its doors “until further notice” due to financial hardship.

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